2021 PPP Developments: Town Hall Briefing

Dentons Global Venture Technology Group and colleagues from Public Policy and White Collar and Government Investigations participated in a webinar regarding updates on all the recent Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) developments and how they will effect emerging growth companies.

With US$284 Billion in newly released funds and more likely to come in the next COVID-19 relief package, changes to the rules administering the program and signals from the Biden-Harris administration that fraud from the first two funding tranches will be aggressively prosecuted, you don’t want to miss this fast paced discussion covering everything you need to know.


  • Adrian Stewart | Global Venture Technology Group, Meatpacking NY
  • Gary Goldberg | Public Policy Group, Washington, DC
  • Rachel Cannon | White Collar and Government Investigations, Chicago
  • Elke Rehbock | Corporate Group, Chicago
  • Ashley Bell | Public Policy Group and Former White House Policy Advisor and
    SBA Regional Administrator, Atlanta


  • John L. Cleary | Global Venture Technology Group, Meatpacking NY


To watch the webinar please click here.

2021 PPP Developments_ Town Hall Briefing Deck