Radical Candor – Kim Scott 003

By Steve Berg

Kim Scott (@kimballscott) is the co-founder and CEO of Candor, Inc., which builds tools to make it easier to follow the advice she offers in her book, Radical Candor. Prior to founding Candor, Inc., Kim was ‘CEO coach’ at Dropbox, Qualtrics, Twitter, and several other companies in Silicon Valley. She has her own podcast called Radical Candor, and is a sought-after speaker. Kim and I define radical candor vis a vis other intangible qualities such as intellectual honesty, self-awareness, communication skills, accepting criticism and humbleness. We talk about imbuing an organization with candor and the value of it. We then discuss how to start to improve ones ability to be candid without being offensive and how to recognize those people who employ this skill correctly. Kim has great energy and great stories.