Greatness – Liz Claman 002

By Steve Berg

Liz Claman (@lizclaman) is the anchor of the Fox Business Network show Countdown to the Closing Bell. Just the cable news part of her career is 20 years long. She has interfaced with countless CEOs, written a book about investment advice in collaboration with some of the greatest financial minds in the 21st century and regularly interfaces with the best and brightest business and world leaders as well as silicon valley technology luminaries. We start out our discussion talking about some of her intangible qualities including moxie, drive and openness and how they have impacted her career. We shift into how to draw the intangible qualities out of others in discussion. There is a great discussion after that of some of the specific folks she has interviewed and what she has observed about them. We close with a little about gender equality and how entrepreneurs can better tell their stories to investor and journalists. The conversation is very personal and very vibrant. I enjoyed talking to Liz immensely.