Fundraising Fundamentals: Venture Debt vs Equity Financing with CIBC

Dentons Global Venture Technology Group and CIBC Innovation Banking co-hosted a lively discussion that covered all you need to know about venture debt vs venture capital and its increasing popularity as an alternative source of capital for fast growing emerging growth companies.

Click the link below to hear about what venture debt is, how it compares to venture capital, the impact it will have on your cap table and when it might be appropriate for a venture backed company to consider it.


  • Caroline Tkatschow | Director, Innovation Banking, CIBC
  • Mark Bartels | CFO, Practice Ignition
  • John J. Oberdorf III | Head of Tech Banking, Dentons Global Venture Technology Group
  • Victor H. Boyajian | Chair, Dentons Global Venture Technology Group

View the recording here.