Dentons and the Founder Institute involved with one of the largest tech company legal incorporations in Canadian history

The Founder Institute is a global early-stage tech accelerator that holds an 18-week program to provide entrepreneurs with a curriculum that guides them through the process of building a company from scratch. In the ninth week, the founder needs to legally incorporate their company. Currently in Toronto, the cohort of 29 founders has passed this stage, and out of these participants, there are 26 actual companies that have been formed (since three participants are co-founder pairs).

Dentons has been instrumental in helping this large-scale tech incorporation happen. They have worked with the Founder Institute for some time and have helped the program by providing legal mentors, advisors and resources. In addition, Dentons has hosted many of their social and academic events, such as their strategic pitch sessions with our lawyers as guest speakers specifically,  Mike Beairsto. Please click here for more details.

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