Sebastian von Haldenwang

As a compliance lawyer specializing in privacy law and market entry, I often hear comments from founders such as “we are too small for compliance” or “becoming fully compliant is just too expensive” only for them to soon find out, that while they may not focus on compliance, their customers, business partners, investors and authorities will. Underestimating compliance can be a severe hindrance to your growth. However, compliance is not an issue of size or funding.

I have accompanied legal projects ranging from small three people start ups making their first steps on a national market to renown enterprises simultaneously renewing their compliance systems in 100+ jurisdictions and have had the opportunity to witness firsthand how this “hurdle” of compliance is not just overcome but instead turned into an accelerator for successful business development by companies of all sizes. I believe, that all it takes is a team willing to achieve compliance and a spark of creativity. I have made it my mission, to bring this creativity into my legal advice, aiming not to aid in overcoming hurdles but to help you grasp opportunities.