Ryan S. Carroll

I pride myself on not being a “lawyer” but a “deal attorney”. I speak three languages: English, business and law. As I played team sports my entire life I professionally yearn for both competition and collaboration. Working with entrepreneurs is the most exciting area of law because I get to work with people and companies that are at the forefront of technological advancement and creating paths and products that never existed. Learning on the fly is a must in these situations and being versatile is a prerequisite. Whether it be creating a proof of concept, getting a first customer under contract or raising a much needed (and high valued) equity financing – I succeed when my clients succeed.

I work hard and play hard. In my spare time I enjoy a nice round of golf followed by a steak and glass of bourbon. I consider attending live music events therapy. If I want to give myself a physical challenge I will lift weights, run, ski (water or snow) or board (snow or paddle).