• Meatpacking/New York, NY
  • +1 212 398 4894

Jeffrey Marcus

I get a huge adrenaline rush working with brilliant scientists, biotech entrepreneurs, and “can-do” investment bankers to raise critical funding to develop and bring life-changing drugs to market.  I am thrilled to have worked with companies that developed the first HIV protease inhibitor from a biotech company to treat AIDs patients, an ADHD treatment designed to prevent drug abuse by patients, an intranasal spray for the treatment of the common cold,  and Cialis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  I am eagerly searching for more opportunities to do deals with biotech companies pursuing the next life-saving drugs and vaccines.

In my free time, I love to explore new neighborhoods, cultures, foods & wines by biking & walking around New York City and the North Fork of Long Island.  When I can get away, I love traveling throughout the US and Asia in luxury for free on the millions of miles and points I have accumulated.