Guillaume Savard

I’m a corporate and technology lawyer based in Montreal where I lead the VC practice. I enjoy helping founders, investors and companies on their journey to success and achievement. I like to be on my clients’ speed dial button to help them find practical solutions to difficulties they foresee or encounter, support them on their day-to-day operations and advise on their special projects.

I represent founders, investors, startups and established companies in the context of Canadian and cross-border technology related financings and M&A transactions, but I also assist startups and established companies on the commercial side with technology-related projects such as R&D, distribution, licensing and outsourcing of technologies as well as commercial partnerships and other complex commercial agreements.

When not in front of my laptop or talking to clients, I enjoy the outdoors, climbing mountains, discovering new horizons and  pushing my limits in the wilderness. Not your typical lawyer to enjoy camping year-round. I’m also the Chairman and President of the Quebec Volleyball Federation. It’s my own way to give back to a community that taught me a lot about myself and what I can do.