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Cameron Low

During my time at Carnegie Mellon University, I was surrounded by young engineers and programmers and engaged in numerous conversations about what happens when law and policy and innovation and new technologies intersect. My work experience at the Brooklyn Law Incubator Policy and Law Clinic  was my introduction into legal work for entrepreneurs and startups where I enjoyed working towards bringing great ideas to market and helping solve the many legal issues along the way. Working with a diverse and innovative group of founders and companies to help them build upon their ideas and visions and to help them solve complex problems is a passion of mine. My focus will be working on a variety of securities offerings and advising on corporate governance and transactions.

As a former college athlete, I feel the need to be active and enjoy playing a wide range of sports from surfing, snowboarding, golf and basketball. When I’m not playing a sport, I enjoy traveling, hanging with friends and family, or I’ll pick up a controller and play some video games.