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Anthony Pascua, Jr.

Founders are the architects of human progress.  They usher in new, exhilarating worlds, revolutionize–with one fell-swoop–the way we live, and inspire us with a clarion call for greatness. As a Venture Tech Lawyer, it is an absolute privilege to work with founders and to help them realize their utterly breathtaking and wholly spellbinding visions.

Why do I love founders so much? I’m from Silicon Valley, so I grew up enthralled by the founders around me. Innovation, risk-taking, collaboration, openness—all these founder traits are encoded into my DNA. And later, I came to work in tech in every capacity, spanning business (e.g., as a Googler), law (as a Venture Tech Lawyer) and government (White House tech lawyer).

Outside of my work as a Venture Tech Lawyer, I love spending time with my shiba inu puppy (his name is Eggy!), reading biographies, and taking fitness classes (usually spin, but open to all).