Humble beginnings

Before putting in our time at notable practices, before getting our big law training at big law schools, we were kids with big ideas and entrepreneurial roots.

We love the thrill of growth. We love watching an entire business materialize out of a single idea.

Simply put, RK ADLER & CHUNG is a firm focused on entrepreneurs. Specifically, we are absolutely passionate about helping them succeed. Inspired by our friends on the West Coast who helped grow companies in the Silicon Valley, we decided to open up shop, putting the same enterprising spirit to work here in New York.

For us, working with startups and entrepreneurs isn’t about carving out a niche in the industry, it’s in our DNA.

— Randolph K. Adler

From our first day working with little more than a coffee table and a cell phone, we’ve been dedicated to helping clients lay sound legal foundations for their businesses. From the ground up, we’ve built this firm to specialize in the unique needs of growing businesses. And just like our inspiring, growing, entrepreneurial clients, we can’t wait to write the next chapter of our story.

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