Tara Bradley

I’ve been negotiating commercial contracts with a focus on technology, marketing, entertainment and IP for more than 15 years. For 10 of those years, I worked in-house at companies like PR Newswire, CNBC and American Express. So I’ve seen the inner workings of companies big and small, and negotiated contracts from every perspective.

Contracts may strike most people as boring, but I actually really enjoy what I do. It’s very satisfying to prove that lawyers can add value to a deal. More specifically, I see it as my role to:

  • work with clients to identify and think through aspects and implications of a transaction that they may not have thought through
  • give concrete, practical and actionable advise based on my years of experience
  • contribute productive suggestions and solutions to advance (not stifle) negotiations
  • understand my clients’ strategic goals, business objectives and risk tolerances
  • have the flexibility to tailor my approach to negotiations based on that understanding

On the personal side:

  • I grew up in NYC, but sold out and moved to the suburbs
  • I’m a vegetarian (really, no fish either—that’s a pescatarian), but I love all different types of food, from Indian to Ethiopian to Tex-Mex
  • I have three sons, who are constantly beating each other up
  • my favorite pastime is singing cheesy pop music in the car with the kids
  • jogging keeps me sane when work and life get crazy